FESCO’s strategy reflects the Company's ambition to be the best container logistics provider for our customers in Eurasia.

Over the recent years, we have remained steadfast in our vision and focused on the customer and their needs.


We are continuously refining our core logistics solutions, to improve the quality of our services and broaden our footprint.

Expanding our service offering is key to our strategy. We seek to provide integrated added-value services, which will enable customers to outsource logistics functions.


As we develop digital solutions, grow our assets, and create new logistics products, our people remain at the heart of our business. We strive to provide our employees with all the tools and support they need to achieve their full potential.

As the COVID-19 pandemic reached its peak and the established supply chains came under pressure, we drew upon the skills of our people who helped us respond to the challenges. Attracting and retaining talent remains our core focus.


Our assets provide a solid foundation to meet our customers' logistics needs. We have consistently:

  • optimised the rolling stock fleet;
  • upgraded and optimised the fleet;
  • increased the fitting platform fleet;
  • developed own handling capacity;
  • expanded the terminal network across all Russian regions.

To encourage better cross-functional working across the Company, we make a continuous effort to improve our business processes through the redesign of our production systems and adoption of lean manufacturing.

Quality service indicators are integrated into our incentive policy. Our streamlined system enables us to create digital solutions and increase the quality of our services to meet the growing market demand.